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Bike Setup (Part 2)

Hi everyone! In our last Tech Tips, I introduced the terms “bike set up” and “being one with your bike.” This time, I want to try to clarify just what I am referring to when I use these terms. Bike Setup Bike set up is simply how you set your bike up. For example bike set […]

Dirtbike Setup

Bike Setup

If you are like most of us in the northeast you are experiencing a blanket of snow and bone chilling temperatures. Your bike is put to bed for the winter and you’re recovering from the holiday celebrations. This is an ideal time of year to do some bike prep, or at least to start thinking […]

Every spoke can tighten differently than the one next to it. Especially once a bike is used. A spoke torque wrench can give a false sense of security if not

Spoke Torque Wrench – Part II

Last week, we talked about a newer tool on the scene, called a spoke torque wrench. We talked about how contamination can change the amount of torque being applied to the spoke nipple when adjusting your dirt bike’s rims. And, we talked about how quickly contamination starts to set in on that dirt bike – […]

Spokes and rims are one of the most neglected areas of a dirtbike. Unless replacing a rim with a custom color, most rims go neglected...

Spoke Torque Wrench – And Why I Don’t Own One

As a mechanic, one of the things I really enjoy is checking out all the new tools that come on the scene. Using a tool that makes a tough job easier brings me a sense of satisfaction. Any tool that does this will always be welcome in my toolbox. The challenge is that I just […]

2012 Kawasaki Engine

Broken Vent Tubes Cause Grief

Have you ever set out to change the clutch/ transmission oil on your dirt bike just to see a creamy looking oil drain out when you remove the drain plug? This is a tell tale sign of water contamination in your oil. This is a potentially serious problem and needs to be addressed before experiencing […]