Our Mission

Our mission is clear.

We are reaching “at risk” kids and young people by using motocross and dirt bikes to reach them. It amazes us to see the hardest to reach kids become active and engaged when throwing a leg over a dirt bike.

Dirt bikes and motorcycles have long been associated with being “cool.” For those that ride motorcycles, they are considered to be powerful and skilled. While riding motorcycles, especially dirt bikes and motocross, the rider learns how to study new techniques and to compete with themselves to put in a faster lap, a higher jump or a better corner.

We are a grassroots, faith-based organization, founded by people who “cut their teeth” on motorcycles and racing motocross. Our founders, Dan and Tami Cocuzzi, have been married for more than 25 years and have a wide range of experiences related to motorcycles and dirt bikes for the vast majority of their lives. The mission of Grace Racing is simple: use dirt bikes, motocross and the “moto lifestyle” to reach kids that may not be reached through other programs. Our mission is to keep these kids from repeating the cycles they may have seen in their own lives: teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, run-ins with the judicial system.

We know that our mission, and the way we approach it may seem unorthodox – but visit with us and see for yourself just how powerful dirt bikes, racing and the “moto lifestyle” can be in reaching kids.

We desperately need you. We are in need of volunteers, new and used motocross gear and apparel, dirt bikes, trailers – and your financial support is both crucial to our success and greatly appreciated by our entire team.