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Your Kid Should Learn Motocross And Here's Why

Why Your Kid Should Ride Motocross

The founders of Grace Racing Ministries, Dan and Tami Cocuzzi have been around the sport of motocross for decades. Over the years they have met many interested in the sport. Sometimes, parents can be scared about their child participating in the sport. “It’s dangerous.” “It’s expensive.” “They’ll put their eye out.” Ok, maybe that last […]

Choices, Image courtesy of Daniel Oines, Flickr

Be Good To Yourself (Part 1)

I was introduced to dirt bikes way back in what I like to call the Wild Wild West days of Motocross. My Moto Idols were Roger DeCoster, Joel Robert, and Pierre Karsmakers. These guys came over from across the pond and brought a sense of civility to us wild Americans and our style of riding. […]

American Christmas

All I Want For Christmas

Happy New Year! Nana here (aka Tami). I know that you are used to hearing from Papa here, but I wanted to tell you a story. In Papa’s last article he asked ‘What is Christmas?’ I think it’s sad that the world has turned Christ’s birthday into a day about what you can ‘do’ to […]

So this is Christmas

So This is Christmas

This is the season; The Holiday season. This is Christmas. Thanksgiving is behind us and many of us are into full blown Christmas preparation mode. Decorations, gifts, school vacations, family and friends are all part of this wonderful Holiday. For many of us it is a time of giving gifts and sharing fellowship with those […]


Who Do You Feed?

There is an old Indian proverb, some say it is Cherokee in origin. My wife’s grandmother, who was Mohawk, also used to say it. It goes like this: There are two wolves at battle inside of us. One is good; the other evil. The one that wins is the one we choose to feed. Motorcycle racing: […]

Trey Canard Wins It All

Canard Wins It!!

The Nationals are over and the race season is winding down here in western N.Y. I don’t know about you but I was so pumped to see Trey Canard win the Zion Bank National at Tooele Utah. I am a big Trey fan, so congratulations, Trey! Who says good guys always finish last? Next comes […]